Elroi Consulting Inc.(ECI)

Elroi Consulting Inc. was formed in Colorado in 1998 by Daniel Elroi. Daniel was an early implementer of GIS technology since the mid-1980s, and a pioneer in applications development in the GIS arena. Elroi Consulting was a “boutique” consulting firm, working with a small and bright group of employees and subcontractors in such areas as mining, real estate, and local government. In 2000 Elroi Consulting began collaborating on software development projects with New Zealand’s leading GIS consulting firm, Explorer Graphics Ltd. and in 2005 the owners of the two firms joined together to form NorthSouth GIS LLC. Over time, as NorthSouth GIS business began to flourish and migrate to California, Elroi Consulting faded into the background, and finally ceased active operations in 2009. To all of our friends who knew us from the Elroi Consulting days, we thank you for making it possible for us to grow and expand far beyond Colorado and even US borders, to a global presence.

All the best!

Daniel Elroi

Explorer Graphics Limited (EGL)

Explorer Graphics Limited (EGL) was established in 1987 by cartographers David and Beryl Pimblott. In 1988 David introduced Esri GIS technology to New Zealand. EGL was established to offer GIS services and enable clients to maximize the potential of their GIS investments. EGL’s early client base still remains today with a special focus on supporting Local and Regional Government. EGL has grown considerably over the years with an expanding area of focus and now has a presence in the United States and India as well as a large share of the New Zealand geographic information systems market.

In 2005, EGL formed a joint venture with NorthSouth GIS LLC. NorthSouth GIS India joined the NorthSouth GIS Group via Sudhakar Arumulla, a former EGL employee.

EGL has undergone a rebranding exercise through 2011 to become NorthSouth GIS NZ Ltd. Consequently, our website is now www.northsouthgis.co.nz and our emails reflect the change to become @northsouthgis.co.nz. We are still the same great company, doing the same great work!