System Integration And Engineering

Connects Business, IT and GIS Systems

Some clients implement geospatial systems that merely consist of a GIS (Geographic Information System) database and web-based map viewer. In such cases the systems engineering is straightforward, and can usually leverage a client’s existing hardware and network infrastructure.

Most clients, however, prefer to integrate other geospatial technologies, such as CAD drafting, vessel or vehicle tracking, PSIM physical security or Command and Control software, surveillance camera feeds, property or asset management software, and other systems with the GIS. In such cases, NSG India works closely with client IT and other staff (or external consultants) to engineer the best implementation and integration.

NSG India adheres to standard system and data security protocols. We also leverage typical IT infrastructure, such as virtual machines, storage area networks, identity servers such as Active Directory, reverse proxies, database replication, and web services. In all of our design decisions, we take into account the client’s stance on security, integration and access, and provide granular control over read and write permissions to data.