Corporate Mission

NSG India has a culture built upon three core values.


Integrated systems make decision-making easier and faster. We strongly believe in embracing our multi-cultural and technological diversity and working together for breakaway results. Our collaborative partnerships are forged on mutual respect and the amalgamation of client ideas, to produce stunning solutions.


We encourage our clients and staff to ‘think outside the box’ when considering solutions to problems. Innovative solutions are found by proactively engaging with clients to clarify problems and then using our unparalleled GIS experience to develop new ideas, products and solutions. It is a very satisfying outcome for our clients to develop their own innovations as a result of our involvement with them.


We are committed to success for the betterment of our company, our clients and the GIS industry. By actively listening to our clients, we make sure that we understand their needs and are approachable, adaptable and responsive to them. We ensure that we are always open and honest in our dealings and cherish the client loyalty that we enjoy due to our integrity

"We integrate with your team"
"We deliver innovative solutions to support your business"
"We are committed to your success"