Unified Cyber Defense Platform with Intelligent Response Automation

We offer one tool for entire Cyber Defence Stack. Our solution cuts down the Detection Gap from months to minutes.

BluSapphire is one platform that replaces your entire advanced cyber defense stack. It gets rid of silos by converging network, system, and end point based multi-vector analysis. Built on an Open Data Platform, it readily integrates with existing security tools to deliver comprehensive advanced cyber defense.

Open Data Platform (ODP) is an integral part of the BluSapphire platform and is its USP. It can augment or replace your existing log management, SIEM and UEBA systems with a highly efficient and zero maintenance system. It is built on top of elastic search and enables response automation, machine learning and advanced data analytics. It enables historic and point-in-time threat hunting via its deep data lake that stores huge amounts of semi-structured log data.

  • Single tool for enhanced visibility across advanced defense stack.
  • APT and Zero Day detection.
  • Multi-Vector Malware Analysis (File, Memory, Behavior, Network).
  • Machine Learning & AI based network anomaly detection (Zero Dwell time).
  • Superior Supervised learning based models detect potential C&C activity with high accuracy.
  • Detects in milliseconds.
  • Built-in Adaptive Threat Hunt features for pro-active cyber defense.
  • Built-in Agent less Response – zero 3rd party dependencies (Quarantine, Suspend process, Clean).

Faster Post-Incident Analysis

  • Post-Incident activity detection
  • Flow based detection –No need for full packet capture.
  • Advanced Machine Learning & AI based detection models with zero dwell time (no need to baseline environment)
  • Identify potential malicious communications and lateral movement.
  • Identify potential Command & Control Communication using Flow Data.
  • Identify and analyze suspicious binaries / scripts.
  • No need for Decrypted Traffic.
  • On-Demand Hunt Capabilities.
  • Rapidly Quarantine remote systems / Suspend remote process using agentless response.



Cyber Defence Chain