3D GIS & Analytics

3D Modeling and ML based Analytics

NSG India has built a proprietary 3D mapping engine to take GIS visualization and decision making to the next level. Our 3D engine offers a unique differentiator in supporting 3D data integration, 3D GIS application and enabling AR/VR/MR visualization of terrain & 3D objects.

NSG India Implemented 3D GIS solution for a Port terminal operations in Middle East as a real time business scenario. The client monitors the terminal vehicles in 3D mode and track jobs assigned to the vehicles and measure KPIs. The solution not only brought better real world 3D visualization effect but also improved the port operational efficiency as systems calculates no. of containers, type of containers to be loaded/unloaded in sequence using Z values. This reduced demurrage, greatly enhancing efficiency in managing container yard's limited space.

We have extended our 3D GIS capabilities to Urban planning and smart city applications where virtual city can be planned and modeled in various business scenarios. Our GIS solutions can communicate directly with any IOT device directly or through customs built connectors for Big data analytics and GIS visualization. NSGI has The unique capability to build GIS enterprise solution both on COTS and Open Source platforms and we have the proven track record and competitive edge in whatever technology platform that customer chooses