ESRI Partner Network

We work with both Government Industries to bring location intelligence to operations

NorthSouth GIS India has been selected for ‘Silver Tier’ status by the ESRI Partner Network

The ESRI Partner Network is a global partner program for companies developing and delivering GIS solutions and services, based on ESRI’s enterprise GIS software platform.

The worldwide community of companies develop and deliver cutting-edge geographic spatial solutions and services based on ESRI technology. Together, ESRI and its partners collaborate to support end users through successful GIS implementations and repeatable solutions.

This Silver Tier status achievement is a highlight of the long relationship between ESRI and NSG’s constituent companies in the delivery of GIS solutions for communities, regions and nations.

ESRI Partner Network

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Being Independent Software Vendors (ISV) / Solution Provider, NSGI has developed unique solutions such 3D Ports Operations Management Solution and GIS based Workflow Management Solution (GWMS) on ESRI web technology.

Geo Workflow Management Systems

Based on our decade long association with leading Public Sector Organizations and in-depth understanding with Government Processes as well as Government Process Reengineering activities, NSGI has developed an integrated web and mobile enabled GIS based Workflow Management System for efficient planning, implementation & monitoring of entire project lifecycle of various infrastructure development initiatives undertaken by Public Works Department / Roads & Buildings Department.
Refer Geo Workflow Management Systems for details

3D Ports

3D Web GIS solution for Ports is to monitor vehicles, equipments and sensors fitted with vehicles in real-time and to track jobs assigned to the vehicles, its operators and measure KPIs. This solution not only brings better visualization of vehicles in 3D, but also improves the operational efficiency of vehicles by calculating no. of containers, type of containers to be loaded/unloaded in sequence using Z values.
Refer 3D Ports for details

ESRI Partner Network