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Why geoCirrus? — Business Outcomes


geoCirrus provides rich geospatial services without the cost, risk and headache of managing your own IT and GIS infrastructure. For many customers, geoCirrus will be an outward facing adjunct to their internal enterprise GIS; for some customers, geoCirrus may provide all the geospatial capability that they need.


geoCirrus is engineered to engender confidence. You can rely on geoCirrus services which are based on a robust, high availability IT infrastructure. NSG NZ has also implemented a geospatial security solution that enables organisations to deploy sensitive information services with the certainty that only authorised users can access them. You can define your own security user groupings.


geoCirrus supports an unrivalled range of geospatial functionality from editing through geoprocessing. These functionality services can be integrated with a wide range of other enterprise systems to support a wide range of business outcomes.


You can configure your own viewer using geoCirrus’s unique administration tools. Independent configuration adds to the exceptional cost benefits of GIS as a Service.


geoCirrus supports a full range of service types including Open Geospatial Consortium, KML and REST. geoCirrus fully participates in emerging New Zealand Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and also supports a wide range of Shared Service initiatives throughout New Zealand.


Do you already have outward facing services and just need an application? That’s fine. Just want geospatial services to add to existing applications? That’s fine. Just want a place to store your data? Also just fine.

Cloud or On-Premise – Your Choice

Once you have experienced geoCirrus as your hosted external-facing solution, it is likely that you will want to experience the same benefits on your on-premise enterprise GIS. That’s fine — unlike other cloud solutions, geoCirrus can be implemented on your own infrastructure.

The geoCirrus Technology— to give your CTO and CIO Confidence

NSG NZ has invested NZD1M in building geoCirrus from a range of best-of-breed technology providers. We have carefully integrated products from Esri, Latitude Geographics and con terra on the Revera infrastructure. The result is the provision of a seamless, scalable, secure cloud experience.

Revera Infrastructure

After extensive research, Revera proved to be the optimal cloud infrastructure provider to satisfy the demanding characteristics of geospatial services. Hosted out of a Revera New Zealand data centre, geoCirrus is based on state-of-the-art IT infrastructure providing high availability, scalability and flexibility.

ArcGIS Server Enterprise Advanced

Based on Esri’s ArcGIS Server Enterprise Advanced, geoCirrus provides unrivalled geospatial capability including the ability to provide rich information services; a wide range of geoprocessing services and ArcGIS Mobile applications. If you have an Esri Enterprise License Agreement, you can reduce your monthly hosting fee by using one of your ELA licences.

Geocortex Essentials

Latitude Geographics’ Geocortex Essentials then provides a framework to easily administer and configure rich web mapping and web GIS viewers. geoCirrus subscribers can take responsibility for creating, configuring and maintaining their own web viewers. If you have an Essentials site licence, you can reduce your monthly hosting fee by using that site licence.

con terra securityManager

NSG NZ has implemented the con terra securityManager product to allow information services to be secured at a fine level of granularity. This means that geoCirrus can be used to host both public and private geospatial services using a security model that gives you a high degree of confidence that sensitive services can only be accessed by authorised users.


Interested in geoCirrus?

If you like the sound of geoCirrus, we would be delighted to provide a free evaluation of the product. Test drive the capabilities, let us know the outcomes you’d like to achieve and then we will discuss the surprisingly low monthly hosting cost.

Please contact and we will be in touch with you.