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securityManager manages access constraints with respect to web-services and web-applications. It restricts access to authorised users and also provides extensive functionality. This enables the implementation of fine-grained authorisation concepts.

securityManager provides protection against unauthorised access for Esri ArcGIS Server and ArcIMS services, as well as OGC WMS, WFS, WFS-T, WCS. Access constraints can be introduced either on the service function level or on the content (layers) level. In addition, spatial authorisation serves to restrict functions and content to defined areas. The URL protection functionality provides secured access to:

  • Services
  • Web sites
  • Web applications

securityManager allows guest access (no authentication) to open datasets and common access using “HTTP Basic Authentication”. The use of OASIS XACML and SAML standards for describing policy sets allows for authentication and single sign-on purposes. User and policy management in the securityManager can be performed via a browser-based administrative interface. It is also possible to incorporate existing user management systems such as LDAP by simple configuration.

securityManager has a modular structure and a consistent compliance with IT standards.  This ensures that it is very easy to integrate into existing infrastructures and portals. As a result, securityManager is an expandable solution for controlling user constraints and integrates into service-based spatial data infrastructures.

security Manager