Strategic Vision

NSG is embarking on a period of growth. The foundation of this growth is our focus on implementing enterprise GIS solutions, based on Esri’s ArcGIS platform. That foundation needs to be absolutely sound and is based on our extremely close relationship with Esri (we are in the top 5% of all Esri partners) which is, in turn, based on our deep understanding of the ArcGIS platform. NSG continuously invests in that understanding through training, participation in Esri events and active engagement in Esri development forums. We also maintain close relationships with Esri’s Industry Managers, in order to ensure that we keep abreast of the latest trends in domain deployments.

Key technology pillars allow us to deploy solutions that tightly integrate into our customers’ business and IT environments. In each case, these technology pillars offer profound business outcomes: either in terms of lower cost and risk during deployment or significant business advantage in use. These pillars are:

  • REST – a technology architecture that significantly reduces the risk and cost of enterprise IT
  • Cloud – this moves IT infrastructure from an on-premise burden to an off-site leased model. This offers significant cost advantages as well as a much easier scalability and evolution. Most importantly, it allows organisations to focus on the value of IT capabilities rather than the cost of IT infrastructures
  • Mobile – in the consumer world, smart phones are offering a wide range of applications that are improving awareness, enabling new forms of social engagement and providing a wealth of new capabilities. Meanwhile, in most corporate environments, smart phones are merely supporting phone and e-mail capabilities. There is huge opportunity to take the best applications from the consumer world and adapt them for corporate use
  • Crowd-sourcing – this involves taking advantage of Web 2.0 technologies to allow a back-flow of information into corporate systems. This feedback loop can be used to increase citizen engagement with government, improve data by enabling corrections and improve awareness by monitoring activities in real time.

Any one of these pillar technologies is an enabler of growth. However, they are synergistic and their combination is a powerful tool to grow into brand new areas of opportunity, as well as displacing more expensive system integrator activities.

As a services-based organisation we do not engage in product development – instead we take best of breed technology and deliver solutions which meet business needs using that technology.

Over recent years, NSG has consistently made technology and business decisions based on best practice; essentially working in the reality of today and delivering value to customers using the most appropriate technology. In implementing solutions based on today’s reality we also maintain a close watch on technology trends, to ensure that customers receive solutions which are future proofed and able to take advantage of new technology as it emerges. Over the next three to five years, NSG and the wider NorthSouth GIS Group will continue to deliver on this philosophy.