Community Input for Points of Interest (sPOIder )


  • Tele Atlas’ sPOIder tool allows you to help us collect Points of Interest (POI) resulting in the most comprehensive collection of POIs in the mapping industry
  • Currently offering 26 million POIs globally including the most popular food, gas, lodging, shopping and retail establishments
  • Deliver the digital maps and dynamic content, that power some of the world’s most essential navigation and location-based services
  • Maps rate highest in terms of quality and reliability in certified tests, cover more than 200 countries and territories worldwide

Business Challenge

Aims to develop a web application for collecting location data from the community online from registered users and after validating collected data, compensates the community by cheque payment.

Solution Description

Web Mapping Application can be easily customized through Admin map interface configuration utility.

  • An enterprise website platform is created where all the interaction with the user’s (POI/GPS track providers) is done. This website will have a state-of-the-art design with distinctive features that will give a fresh and appealing look on intuitive user interface.
  • The user will have to register for a personal POI account with a username and password. After registration, an evaluation of the user based on education, work background and knowledge of the concept will be done to ensure authenticity of the user’s motivation to be a part of this community based enterprise.
  • Once registration is done, user will have to download a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and an Intellectual Property Agreement form, fill it up and send it to a given address. After receiving an approval, user will then be able to use his account with the unique ID that will be provided to him along with his Area of Interest (AOI).  AOI is typically an area demarcated exclusively for a specific work process.
  • To start collecting POI’s/APT’s, user will have to buy an Industry standard GPS device. Device can be in the form of a handheld, mobile in-built, camera in-built, etc. Website will have a complete CBT (Computer Based Tutorial) which will help the users to upload the data along with respective GPS logs.
  • Once the GPS derived coordinates and attributes of the POI’s and APT’s have been collected, it is uploaded onto the website through .csv format. The accuracy of the collected data has to be of very high standard, as the compensation criteria will be based on it. The quality standards will be placed on the website.
  • Uploaded data gets stored on the Local Data Centre. Commercially available enterprise RDBMS could be used here.
  • Automated algorithms will work towards verification of the data in a pre-defined process. This will validate whether the collected POI’s and APT’s are matching with the Latitude-Longitude Grid. This grid is created in a pre-defined process.
  • Data is also validated by means of a field check. The framework of field QC/QA will be done in accordance with the standard sampling techniques. The validated data will directly be shown on the  maps available on the website.

Technical Specifications

Users / Accounts

  • Admin Account
  • QC Account
  • Approver Account
  • Finance Account
  • Community User Account

Admin Account

Admin User manages and approves the user registrations, AOI’s etc.

Registration Request

  • On clicking the Registration Request, User will be in ‘InActive’ state and user details are visible to Admin. Based on few pre-defined criteria Admin would decide to approve or reject the user registration.
  • Once the registration is approved by Admin the Status changes to “InProcess” and auto e-mail will be sent to user with Login Details.
  • When user accepts the digital NDA form during the First Login attempt, User status would change to ‘Active’. Then user would submit his bank details for receiving the payments.
  • User can only access all the pages of ‘’ only when user status is ‘ACTIVE’
  • System provides facility to assign users to group

Assign AOI

  • System generates map image for the accepted AOI’s and auto e-mail will be sent to User with details of assigned AOIs along with Shape file of AOIs

Show POI

  • Query POI details from the database based on User, Status, and Date etc.
  • Result need to be shown on Map also

Export POI / APT Data

  • System exports the APT and POI’s data (from POI_MASTER table) to excel  sheet

Payment Notes

  • View the payment of user or group with generate invoice button

Survey Request

  • Select AOI from the list and send survey request to Approver

Admin Settings

  • To modify the column values for different tables

Change Survey Request Status

  • View all the records which are forwarded from Approver user for which the Survey request is done.
  • Click on Edit link to update the Status as “Work-Complete”

Audit Trial

  • View all the activities done by Individual User

InActive User

  • View all Inactive users list

POIs for Deletion

  • View the list of POIs marked for Deletion by the User for the Maintenance POI
  • “Accept” button will delete the record from POI transaction table and copy the same record to POI_Master with status as “1″ (Maintenance)
  • “Reject” button will delete the record from POI transaction table and copy the same record to POI_Master with status as “-1″ (Maintenance Rejected)

QC Account

Change POI / APT Status

  • View the list  of POIs and APT’s for selected AOI
  • User can select POI and change the status to Accepted or Rejected with reason
  • User can edit and update POI Details

Show POI

  • View the POI’s and APT’s for selected users, selected status and date. The POI’s can be viewed on the map

Approver Account

Show Users

  • User lists will be populated in a table with POIs uploaded in Current month, Quality Level for previous month

Show AOI

  • AOI lists will be populated with AOI name, User and Deadline

Show POI

  • View the POI’s and APT’s for selected users, selected status and date. The POI’s can be viewed on the map

Show Payment Notes

  • View a list of Users forwarded by Admin with the link to a PDF document under Invoice to view the Generated Invoice

Show Field QC Request

  • View all AOI’s which Admin user has made the field QC Request
  • Once survey starts user would change the status to ‘InProgressFieldQC’ and when survey is done, the user will change the status to “ApprovedForFieldQC”, else will change the status to “RejectedFieldQCRequest”.

Finance Account

Update Payment Notes

  • View generate invoice for the request in (Non Editable) PDF format forwarded by the Approver user based on User and Group wise.
  • Finance user would have the Summary report containing users and their respective Bank Account details. And Finance user would create cheque in the name of the user and dispatch it by courier/post.
  • Finance user can change the cheque status to processing or dispatch.
  • After changing cheque process to dispatched, system automatically sends mail to user that cheque is dispatched on a particular date.

Community User Account

Update Payment Notes

  • Community User logs in and will be able to access the sPOIder application with the following available functionalities.
  • The application allows users to explore, query and edit data spatially.
  • User Cannot view or access any other user’s account details
    1. My Account
    2. My AOI
    3. Request AOI
    4. Upload POI
    5. Add POI
    6. Edit POI
    7. Update Results
    8. POI Status
    9. My Maintenance Work

My Account

  • My Accounts page will have list of uploaded data along with its brief information and status.
  • When user clicks on My Account page, the page contains details about Assigned AOIs, Total POIs uploaded, Total APTs uploaded, Quality Score, AOI Maintenance Rate, AOI New Rate, Total Money Earned, News update on POIs required for maintenance
  • Edit Profile link and Change Password link are available to user in My Account page


  • My AOI shows the list of available AOIs assigned to the user currently


  • Click on View Map to Zoom to AOI and view details of the zoomed AOI


  • Once uploading POI/APT is complete, select the checkbox and click on “Submit Work” button so that administrator will not discard you even the POIs are not uploaded from last few days.

Request AOI

  • User selects State/District/City and see all the available AOIs with Search AOI option.
  • To zoom to AOI, click on view map
  • Select checkbox and click on Send AOI Request button to send request to an Administrator for approval

Upload POI

  • User collects data which are mandatory in pre-defined template and make that GIS data in .csv format.
  • Select .csv file. Client side checking has to be done to find, if data uploaded has all the mandatory fields specified in the template.
  • If the data is improper, giving alert to user to include all mandatory fields. If the data is proper, system will automatically checks whether uploaded data is falling within the assigned AOI’s. If it falls outside 15 meter buffer of the AOI then system rejects those POI’s.
  • If uploaded data is rejected then user can edit those POI’s using edit POI icon under Account tab. User can edit on map directly only once. Once edited, again client side checking has to be done. If the POI fails once again, the records is completely deleted and system will show message to user as “Record is no more to edit. Try to upload/ add again”.




User can add POI and APT through this page and only if map scale is less than or equal to 500.


Edit POI


  • Click on View map to edit POI
  • * indicates the fields to be corrected before submitting the details.
  • Click on Edit tool, and click on map area to change the POI location.
  • While editing the location of POI, map scale should be less than or equal to 500.
  • User cannot move more than 20 meters.


Upload Results


  • The CSV file uploaded by you will be processed through series of checks periodically.
  • Once the first levels of checks are performed, you would be able to download the error report from this page
  • The errors can be corrected through Edit POI button or by uploading the data again after correction.


POI Status


  • View all the POIs with respect to Status selected by User.
  • Can print and export the table to excel


My Maintenance Work


  • Select State/District/City to get the list of AOIs under Maintenance
  • Click on View Map to zoom to AOI.
  • Enter AOI Name on search Text box and click on Search icon to search for required AOI to send AOI request to Administrator for approval.
  • Once Admin User Approved, it gets allotted to the user.
  • User will be able to see list of all POIs for maintenance without Latitude-Longitude.
  • Click on POI to zoom to map.
  • User will be able to take print of the map.
  • System should provide facility to User to update POI attributes.
  • System should provide facility to upload GPS logs for maintenance project.
  • System accepts GPS log files only when the files are in (.gpx, .csv, .itn, .lmx, .rte) format
  • System has to check the GPS log details for the POIs/APTs where user changed Maintenance Status = VISITED and clicked on submit.
  • While editing User cannot edit POIID, X, Y.
  • On Client side Page, checking has to be done to find, if data edited has all the mandatory fields specified in the template.
  • The Maintenance status will be changed to Edited.
  • Any POI for deletion will also be marked in the list showned in Edit Maintenance POIs link.
  • The Maintenance status will be changed to Deleted
  • Check for newly Added POI under maintenance project.
  • The status will changes to Not-Visited
  • Phase-2 checks and Automated QC checks have to be done for newly added POIs.
  • The status will be changed to Inprocess-ManualQC for manual checks to QC User.