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NSGI delivers the products and services in the photogrammetry field on-time and every time with the client’s satisfaction having adequate experts in various kinds of applications. The art and science of accurately measuring objects on the earth’s surface from a series of overlapping photographs from aircraft or satellite. Photography describes the photographic principles involved in photogrammetry, while Metrology describes the techniques for producing 3-dimensional coordinates from two-dimensional photographs.

  • Digital Aerial Triangulation
  • Planimetry compilation
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Digital Surface Modelling
  • Digital Orthophoto Generation
  • Digital Vector data capture for International level of mapping projects with the ISO Standards
  • 3D City Modelling
  • LIDAR data processing

NSGI professionals in Photogrammetry Services like Adjustment of the raw control data, Analytical Aerial Triangulation Control Processing, Photogrammetric Data Capture, Photogrammetric Data Quality Control, Photogrammetric Data Translation. We use of our relationships across the globe to have aerial photography and GPS Control done by in-country aerial mapping companies to client specifications. Our production facilities are equipped with both analytical and softcopy stereo-plotters. Data compilation is accomplished in both MicroStation and AutoCAD on DATEM’s IMA and Summit Evolution.We compile DEM / DTM and generate Contours and the Cross-sections. Sections are used for the design of highways, pipelines, and powerline rights-of-way etc for cut and fill planning. Coord Technologies uses PCI’s OrthoEngine, Orthovista and socet set for orthorectification of both scanned film and digital aerial photographs to produce map-quality ortho images.