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Geocortex Optimizer helps you maximise and quantify demonstrable return on investment for ArcGIS Server.

Following installation, the Geocortex Optimizer administrator interface provides the tools required to configure the collectors and alarms for your specific ArcGIS Server implementation.

In the first weeks a critical insight is gained into the performance of the ArcGIS Server implementation — and adjustments will be able to be made that yield improvements to performance and reliability.

In the following months, patterns and trends emerge. Clarity will be gained about the system by monitoring performance, traffic levels, navigation patterns, and user demographics. This will enable proactive planning around ensuring system upgrades at the right times and in the right places, building better performing and more usable applications, and keeping decision makers appraised about return-on-investment through empirical information.

In other words, you’ll start to understand your system — how it works and how people work with it.

Geocortex Optimizer