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Product Overview

Geocortex Essentials is software that accelerates real-world success with ArcGIS Server with ESRI’s Developer APIs (REST, JavaScript, Flex, and Silverlight). While the specific value proposition of Geocortex Essentials varies depending on who you are, a common thread is that this off-the-shelf, yet highly customizable product will make you get your job done better and faster.

The re-usable technology of Geocortex Essentials maximises efficiency and all but eliminates wasted programmer time ‘reinventing the wheel’ for one-off custom applications.

Engineered from the ground up, around Esri’s next-generation ArcGIS Server platform, Geocortex Essentials assists the build and deployment of world class ArcGIS Server applications.

  • Powerful core elements and out-of-the-box tools
  • Streamlined application creation and management
  • Built on Esri’s next-generation web-GIS technologies