Software Development

At NSG, we are entirely a .NET development house focussing mainly on the Silverlight platform. We nearly always write in C# but occasionally we come across a legacy system that requires some VB.Net work. There is an element of JavaScript coding to the work we do as well.

We employ a wide range of Microsoft technologies as well using APIs from Esri and Latitude Geographics. Recent project work has included using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), PRISM, Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF), Workflow Foundation and LINQ to SQL amongst others. These are all relatively new technologies and there are few organisations where developers have exposure to all of these technologies in one hit. If you are looking to investigate any of these, I would point you towards MEF and PRISM as these underpin a lot of our client side development effort.

Additionally, we try and stick to the MVVM design pattern paradigm when working with Silverlight and MVC for web development. We are also moving, albeit glacially, towards implementing Test (TDD) and Behaviour Driven Design (BDD) methods in all of our major projects.