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The core service is provision of mapping solutions for the utility industries like Gas, Electricity, Water Supply, Transport and Telecommunication. We specialize in utility mapping which consists of many different services including full system digitization, system modelling, land base creation, revisions, work order updates, circuit map creation, raster to vector map conversion

GIS helps utilities better organize, manage, and display data, and in turn help them better meet customer needs. GIS can help predict where potential growth and development may occur and where an expansion of utility services may be warranted. We can add utility information to your digital base plans and design drawings.

Advantages of Utility Mapping (Water, Gas, Electricity and Telecom)

Water, Gas, Electricity and Telecom utility mapping is designed to capture respective networks including all elements as per dimensions. It gives real positioning of the network.

  • Application based on industry standard platforms using AutoCAD/Microstation and MS Access
  • Integration with Customer Information systems
  • Integration with Operations Support Systems (OSS)
  • Cost Estimation
  • Inventory Management
  • Link to billing system data to calculate loads.
  • Fully customizable to each utility.
  • Utility easements tied to Government Land Office (GLO) corners provide reference to where the utility was built in the field.
  • Utility structures reference visible map features for quick and accurate field location by in-house maintenance staff and/or other organizations requesting utility location information for design or construction use.
  • Integrity rules built into commands to enforce correct representation of electric network.
  • Network analysis to perform connected systems (primary and secondary, connected, upstream and downstream).
  • Maintain inventory databases of electric system.
  • Attach images of utility poles, meter locations and as-builts.
  • Custom label creator of all circuits and components.
  • Thematic mapping of primary and secondary networks.
  • Create map books of electric systems.
  • Designed for smaller utilities, cost effective approach for mapping electric system.
  • Plan, design and engineer Network and expansion
  • Facility layouts, equipment placement and port-to-port connectivity
  • Repository of As Built and survey data
  • Provide network data to OSS / BSS systems
  • Answer service activation / provisioning queries
  • Cable fault localization
  • Several Sales, Marketing and Service fulfilment related functions